Surgical Pearl Video

Edited by Paul Hahn, MD, PhD

Subretinal blebs, sans retinotomy

This atraumatic technique uses a soft-tip on proportional reflux for creating subretinal fluid blebs.

Removing retained PFO/SO mixture

This technique uses an 18-gauge angiocatheter to remove fluid left behind after surgery for complex retinal detachments.

Strategies for PVD induction

A review of surgical methods to aid in posterior vitreous detachment induction.

Managing a challenging RD

Repair of a retinoschisis-associated retinal detachment in a pregnant patient.

Passive PFO-SO exchange

A technique for actively injecting silicone oil while passively extruding peruorocarbon with a backush cannula.

Removing thick subretinal PVR bands

Subretinal proliferation is a well-known component of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Here’s how to deal with it.

Pearls for epiretinal membrane peeling

Proper visualization and positioning are key to achieving a successful peel.

A low-cost, one-person depressor

A technique for performing illuminated scleral depression for peripheral vitrectomy without an assistant.

Pearls for scleral buckling with tunnels

These six tips can help you place the buckle more efficiently and safely.

Tips on chandelier buckling

Some considerations for exploring or refining the use of chandelier illumination during scleral buckle surgery.

Pearls for foreign body removal

The fine art of using internal and external magnets to extract magnetic foreign bodies.

Scleral windows for choroidal effusions

This procedure can improve uveoscleral outflow, but careful patient selection and management of expectations are important.

Fixing a malpositioned infusion cannula

Setting it right during pars plana vitrectomy can avoid serious complications later on.

Pearls for complex diabetic TRD repair

Patience and persistence are key to relieving the tractional forces on the retina.

Refractory optic pit maculopathy surgery

This approach for this challenging operation uses an internal limiting membrane flap as a ‘plug.’

Never use two steps when one will do

Step-saving tips when isolating rectus muscles and performing membrane peeling.

Pearls for RD repair after ruptured globe

Ten tips to help in the preparation and execution of these often complicated cases.

The Yamane technique optimized

A modification of the highly regarded approach to intraocular lens scleral fixation.

Novel approach to traumatic macular hole

Human amniotic membrane is used to create a scaffold-like structure to close a large hole.

Minimally invasive IOL deposit removal

This surgical approach to introacular lens opacities utilizes a flex loop.