Surgical Techniques & Tools

A beginner’s guide to suprachoroidal injections

They require a different skill set than intravitreal injections. Here’s a description of the technique.

ILM peeling sans forceps: Is it time to make the switch?

Internal limiting membrane peeling with forceps is the gold standard, but cutter-based methods are safe, effective and potentially more efficient.

Surgical pearls from the Vit Buckle Society

Tips for pediatric and diabetic surgery, and foreign body removal, along with novel approaches for chronic macular holes and visualization in endophthalmitis.

Solving the masquerade of vitreoretinal lymphoma

A case-based review of biopsy techniques from vitreous sampling to more invasive approaches.

Strategies for PVD induction

A review of surgical methods to aid in posterior vitreous detachment induction.

The robots are coming to retina

An update of the science behind robotic-assisted vitreoretinal surgery and its potential future applications.

Managing a challenging RD

Repair of a retinoschisis-associated retinal detachment in a pregnant patient.

Passive PFO-SO exchange

A technique for actively injecting silicone oil while passively extruding peruorocarbon with a backush cannula.

Removing thick subretinal PVR bands

Subretinal proliferation is a well-known component of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Here’s how to deal with it.

Pearls for epiretinal membrane peeling

Proper visualization and positioning are key to achieving a successful peel.