Clinical Trial Closeup

A potential gene therapy to treat Stargardt

Phase II results identify patients with macular degeneration phenotype may benefit most from the investigative transgene therapy.

Transgene shows restorative properties in nAMD

4D-150 is an intravitreal dual transgene genetic medicine that expresses both aflibercept and an mRNAi sequence that inhibits intracellular expression of VEGF-C.

Potential of low-light therapy for dry AMD

Trial shows effectiveness of the Valeda Light Delivery System photobiomodulation platform.

Reviving dormant photoreceptors in LCA1

The gene therapy ATSN-101 has demonstrated safety and shown signals of efficacy in restoring vision in Leber congenital amaurosis.

A pill to head off worsening of DRSS

A Phase III trial is on deck for the oral Ref-1 inhibitor APX3330 after a Phase IIb study showed a potential benefit.

Axitinib implant shows early potential

Interim results from Phase I trial of OTX-TKI, a bioresorbable hydrogel platform using a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Senolytic therapy: ‘Entirely new paradigm’

A look at UBX1325, a small-molecule B-cell inhibitor that targets the proteins senescent cells feed on for survival.

Sustained-release sunitinib comes to retina

A closer look at the extension study of GB-102 for treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

A potential stem-cell solution for GA

Trial shows safety of a biosynthetic patch inserted in a subretinal bleb in an outpatient procedure.

Targeting headwaters of classical pathway

The IgG antibody fragment ANX007 aims to disrupt the cascade that leads to geographic atrophy at the initiating molecule.