Imaging & Diagnostics

How ultra-widefield imaging is changing our view of DR

The state of the science of how novel UWFI systems are improving our ability to observe diabetic changes in the peripheral retina.

The Promise of Deep Learning in Retina

How artificial intelligence is poised to take diagnostic imaging to the next level.

Pediatric Retina: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

Widefield imaging, anti-VEGF agents and shorter instruments expand management options.

A Widefield Platform on a Tabletop

Combining up to eight imaging functions into one device.

Computer-Navigated Laser for DME: How We Got Here

The latest development in macular laser has been shown to be accurate, safe and effective, but more study is needed.

Widefield Imaging Finds Its Place in the Practice

Expanding the utility of photography and angiography in pediatric retina, oncology and more.

Adaptive Optics Goes in For an Extreme Closeup

Imaging at the cellular level can identify progression of retinal disease earlier.

How Directional OCT is Improving Photoreceptor Visualization

The latest iteration exploits directional reflectivity to gain more information about macular health.

OCT and the Evolution of Angiography

ASRS studies find noninvasive imaging correlates well.

Video Vault

Minimally invasive management of lenticular deposits

Akshay Thomas, MD, MS, of Tennessee Retina demonstrates his surgical technique for removing posterior intraocular lens deposits.