Imaging & Diagnostics

Who’s predisposed to anti-VEGF-induced IOI?

What clinical trials and postmarket data reveal about intraocular inflammation risk with brolucizumab.

Understanding the risks of systemic vascular disease

The retina is the canary in the coal mine for evaluating future systemic vascular disease in people with diabetes.

Making the retina workplace more ergonomically friendly

How a few modifications in the clinic and OR—and perhaps some yoga—can help overcome occupational aches and pains.

Not just pigments of your imagination

A case of idiopathic intrigue requiring investigation of an inflammatory cause.

Using OCT to evaluate fluid in non-neovascular AMD

How optical coherence tomography, OCT angiography and fluorescein angiography can help direct diagnosis and treatment decisions.

How imaging is advancing management of dry AMD

Emerging modalities and deep learning are helping to expose an old foe in non-neovascular age-related macular degeneration: reticular pseudodrusen.

Imaging biomarkers and precision medicine

Advances in computational power, and machine learning and diagnostic systems are creating new opportunities for understanding disease mechanisms.

Will biosimilars find their place in retina?

With patents expiring, an approval pending and legislation aimed at easing regulations, more biosimilars could be coming. But are retina specialists ready?

Retinal sequelae of novel oncology drugs

Getting to the cause of blurred vision in a man with Erdheim-Chester disease.

AI in retina: Ready for prime time?

Artificial intelligence is ready to be incorporated into retina referral networks. Here’s a look at the state of the science.

Video Vault

Minimally invasive management of lenticular deposits

Akshay Thomas, MD, MS, of Tennessee Retina demonstrates his surgical technique for removing posterior intraocular lens deposits.