Imaging & Diagnostics

The dichotomy of didanosine

Even years after discontinuation, a life-saving drug for HIV patients can have deleterious effects on vision.

Comparing techniques for RRD, MH

Prime cuts from ASRS also include a quick-response program for CRAO, and trials of agents for GA and mydriasis reversal.

Epitheliopathy after a COVID-19 vaccine

Flashing spots and whitish blots: How OCTA can aid in diagnosis and surveillance.

A ser(i)ous detachment

How multimodal imaging and systemic examination helped uncover the underlying etiology of a longstanding choroidal neovascular membrane.

Peripheral lesions take DR imaging beyond ETDRS

Ultra-widefield imaging and artificial intelligence have called into question standards based on film photography.

Vision loss tied to cancer history

How imaging helped diagnose the cause of vision problems in a woman with endometrial adenocarcinoma.

Who’s predisposed to anti-VEGF-induced IOI?

What clinical trials and postmarket data reveal about intraocular inflammation risk with brolucizumab.

Understanding the risks of systemic vascular disease

The retina is the canary in the coal mine for evaluating future systemic vascular disease in people with diabetes.

Making the retina workplace more ergonomically friendly

How a few modifications in the clinic and OR—and perhaps some yoga—can help overcome occupational aches and pains.

Not just pigments of your imagination

A case of idiopathic intrigue requiring investigation of an inflammatory cause.