Surgical Pearl Video

Edited by Tina Felfeli, MD

How to do intraretinal artery tPA injection

A stepwise approach to intraretinal artery cannulation for injection of tissue plasminogen activator into the central retinal artery.

Pearls for fovea-sparing ILM peeling

A potentially effective strategy for avoiding postoperative macular hole formation in myopic traction maculopathy.

Two-trocar approach to endophthalmitis

A minimalist technique for enhancing surgical outcomes for acute endophthalmitis in pseudophakic eyes.

Pearls for transretinal tumor biopsy

Steps to improve your chances of performing a successful transretinal tumor biopsy.

The case for Kenalog

A micro-minority of us use it, with most others preferring ICG or BB. Here’s why you should join us.

Handling a GORE-TEX-sutured IOL

A review of key steps that will avoid suture twisting and lens tilt.

Scleral-fixated IOLs: A modified approach

An optimization of methods to improve efficiency when managing a scleral-fixated intraocular lenses in the operating room.

Pearls for righting aqueous misdirection

How to do a pars plana vitrectomy with irido-zonulo-hyaloidectomy when laser and medical therapy fail.

Subretinal blebs, sans retinotomy

This atraumatic technique uses a soft-tip on proportional reflux for creating subretinal fluid blebs.

Removing retained PFO/SO mixture

This technique uses an 18-gauge angiocatheter to remove fluid left behind after surgery for complex retinal detachments.