March / April 2021


Ocular gene therapy: The next generation

Emerging viral and synthetic vectors along with newer delivery platforms are poised to broaden genetic treatments in retina.

How COVID-19 has altered uveitis management

The pandemic has potentially changed the risk-benefit balance between local therapy and systemic immunosuppression.

AI in retina: Ready for prime time?

Artificial intelligence is ready to be incorporated into retina referral networks. Here’s a look at the state of the science.

Five evidence-based answers for PVD, retinal breaks

Answers to commonly encountered clinical questions about the clinical course of posterior vitreous detachment and symptomatic retinal breaks.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Targeted approach to pan-VEGF inhibition

A suprachoroidal formulation of axitinib, approved for renal cell carcinoma, may have potential for treating neovascular AMD.

Coding Commentary

New E/M codes are here. Now what?

A strategy for meeting the new requirements for Evaluation and Management codes.

Editor's Page


North of the Border

Six frugal faves for retinal surgery

A sample of simple, safe and cost-saving ideas for common procedures and imaging techniques with accompanying videos.

Retina Rounds

A curious case of RAMA

An incidental exam finding upends a 70-year-old woman’s back pain management plan.

Social Media Specialist

Confronting the cyberbully

Some guidance for retina specialists and physicians when they’re attacked on social media.

Surgical Pearl Video

A low-cost, one-person depressor

A technique for performing illuminated scleral depression for peripheral vitrectomy without an assistant.