Social Media Specialist

Edited by Jayanth Sridhar, MD

Be positive, but not too positive

Presumably perfect online lives can make readers feel inadequate. Keep that in mind when consuming or posting online content.

Pharma marketing and social media

Some thoughts on avoiding the pharmaceutical digital marketing group-think.

Don’t be a Dr. Octopus

Take charge of your social media use so it doesn’t overtake your thoughts like the villain in Spider-Man 2.

The physician as social media vanguard

When social media, public education and human rights collide, what is the physician’s responsibility?

Climate change and social media

Exploring the axis of access: Pollution, health outcomes and your social media account.

The upsides of social media

A reminder of how we can benefit patients and communities by promoting health literacy and justice.

Burnish your online presence

A look at three essential tools that can boost your social media productivity.

Social media and CME

A close look at the future of lifelong learning in the Twitter era.

Beware of social media nightmares

The pitfalls of physicians failing to maintain professional ethics online.

Agency and advocacy in the digital world

How to utilize social media for patient advocacy and health promotion.