Retina Rounds

Edited by Christopher R. Fortenbach, MD, PhD

Three strikes of inflammation

A case of Susac syndrome.

A bump in the road of cancer remission

A case of immune checkpoint inhibitor uveitis in a woman on maintenance therapy for kidney cancer.

The patient with the puzzling plaques

The case for considering tuberculosis as an etiology in patients with posterior uveitis who have been to an endemic region.

Sympathetic to the cause

A long-ago ocular trauma caused a sympathetic panuveitis in the fellow eye.

Can we spare the OR?

A case and discussion of macular hole management with medical therapy.

Anticoagulation and a second RVO

Managing retinal vein occlusion in a patient with a history of thrombophilia.

A petal-shaped blind spot

A case of acute macular neuroretinopathy developed in the context of myelofibrosis.

A tale of two hydroxychloroquine patients

Two cases demonstrate the spectrum of retinal findings in HCQ retinal toxicity as well as the role of multifocal electroretinogram in detecting the condition.

A curious case of RAMA

An incidental exam finding upends a 70-year-old woman’s back pain management plan.

‘Twig’ occlusions among the branches

A unique finding of incidental retinal vein occlusion in a healthy patient with newly diagnosed age-related macular degeneration.