May / June 2024


14 tips and tricks for novel retinal surgeries

A selection of creative approaches to vitreoretinal surgical challenges from the Vit Buckle Society.

Beyond structural retinal imaging: Adaptive optics fluorescence lifetime ophthalmoscopy (AOFLIO)

Visualizing potential biomarkers for changes in cellular function across the retina.

Fibrin glue-assisted surgery for idiopathic macular holes

In our experience, fibrin glue has enabled closure of macular holes without the inconvenience of face-down positioning.

How OCT is improving early characterization of GA lesions

A comparison of B-scan and en face imaging techniques for diagnosis of early macular atrophy.


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Imaging Forum

Acute macular neuroretinopathy

OCT is invaluable in diagnosing, managing, and understanding this condition.


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Total Eclipse of the Heart

The recent eclipse highlighted the need for reliable retina information online.

Surgical Pearl Video

Another tweak on the Yamane technique

This approach substitutes 27-ga trocar cannulas for the 30-ga needles.

Uveitis Forum

How to home in on a uveitis diagnosis

An organized approach to working up uveitis patients can maximize one’s chances of arriving at the correct diagnosis and management.