September / October 2019


Downside of finger flicks, upside of abicipar changes

These findings and three other presentations on SRF/IRF, stable CST and oral therapy give new insights into nAMD.

How ultra-widefield imaging is changing our view of DR

The state of the science of how novel UWFI systems are improving our ability to observe diabetic changes in the peripheral retina.

Strategies to reduce errors in office procedures

A review of patient safety challenges in the retina practice and steps to eliminate procedure errors.

Rethinking routine use of steroid drops after surgery

Why do we use postop drops the way we do? The case for subconjunctival triamcinolone.

Peripheral vitrectomy without an assistant

A device that combines a light pipe and a scleral depressor can enhance viewing with or without a digital microscope.


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Imaging Forum

What’s the cause of painless vision loss?

Multimodal imaging played a valuable role in identifying primary vitreoretinal lymphoma in this patient with Alzheimer’s.

Retina CEO

Secure your tech and stay compliant

A security risk analysis can protect your data—and you’re supposed to do it anyway.

Social Media Specialist

Twitter as a ‘microblog’

It’s a good place to start promoting your practice online, but know the pearls and pitfalls of online content creation.

Surgical Pearl Video

Pearls for RD repair after ruptured globe

Ten tips to help in the preparation and execution of these often complicated cases.

Uveitis Forum

Avoid these pitfalls when ordering labs

More testing doesn’t necessarily result in better patient care and can lead to unnecessary lab work.