Uveitis Forum

Edited by Akshay S. Thomas, MD, MS

Managing acute retinal necrosis

This rare disease requires diagnostic vigilance and prompt, effective and—in many cases—long-term treatment in order to be managed properly.

Managing inflammatory CNVM in uveitis

Solving the diagnostic and treatment challenges of choroidal neovascular membrane in uveitis.

Birdshot chorioretinopathy: What’s new

An update on diagnosis and treatment, including the role of multimodal imaging and combination therapy.

Masquerade syndromes in uveitis

A review of neoplastic and nonneoplastic masqueraders that can confound and complicate diagnosis.

Managing UGH syndrome

Uveitis-glaucoma-hyphema syndrome, or Ellingson syndrome, requires surgery targeting the intraocular lens to resolve the cause of chafing.

Treating uveitic macular edema

A review of local and systemic treatments for UME and insights on when to use them.

Uveitis risk of ICPIs for cancer

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are becoming more widely available, but they’ve been linked to uveitis in some patients.

Using anti-VEGF agents in uveitis

A review of the available evidence and anecdotal reports supporting their use.

Taking treatment beyond adalimumab

An update on biologic alternatives for ocular inflammatory disease when the approved agent just won’t cut it.

Noninfectious uveitis in pregnancy

Knowing the options available for safely treating pregnant patients will empower retina specialists to confidently care for them.