Imaging Forum

Edited by Jason Hsu, MD

A ser(i)ous detachment

How multimodal imaging and systemic examination helped uncover the underlying etiology of a longstanding choroidal neovascular membrane.

Vision loss tied to cancer history

How imaging helped diagnose the cause of vision problems in a woman with endometrial adenocarcinoma.

Not just pigments of your imagination

A case of idiopathic intrigue requiring investigation of an inflammatory cause.

Retinal sequelae of novel oncology drugs

Getting to the cause of blurred vision in a man with Erdheim-Chester disease.

FAF, OCT demystify blurred vision cause

How multimodal imaging helped to elucidate an insidious nutritional deficiency.

Symptoms betray common masquerader

OCT imaging has made it possible to report pathognomonic features that include punctate hyperreflectivity in the choroid.

Multimodal imaging and diagnosing ARN

Retinal whitening plus vitreous inflammation mean raised suspicion for acute retinal necrosis.

Flashing, blind spots and retinal dots

Multimodal imaging helps clinch the diagnosis.

What’s the cause of painless vision loss?

Multimodal imaging played a valuable role in identifying primary vitreoretinal lymphoma in this patient with Alzheimer’s.

Insidious effect of HCQ therapy

This case illustrates the importance of follow-up and multimodal imaging in managing retinal toxicity.