September 2017


Retina Standouts from ARVO 2017: Surgical Robot, FAc for DR and More

Latanoprost for myopia, OCT-A to detect CNV and stem cells for GA also worth noting.

Retinal Detachment Surgery: Is less Scleral Buckling always right?

One surgeon dives into his own dilemma of vitrectomy with or without scleral buckling.

Stem-Cell Therapy for non-nAMD: We’re Getting Closer

A look at advances in stem-cell biology, regenerative medicine, non-invasive retinal imaging and vitreoretinal surgery.

Triamcinolone Acetonide Assist For ILM Peeling During RRD Repair

This peeling approach during vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment can prevent post-surgical epiretinal membrane growth.

What Vascular Changes May Tell us About Macular Edema and Disease Burden

How quantitative assessment of perfusion and leakage dynamics may help direct management of retinal vascular disease.

Gaining New Insights Into MacTel

How the MacTel Project with multimodal imaging is expanding our knowledge of macular telangiectasia type 2.

How MIGS Is Bridging the Efficacy Gap in Glaucoma

An update on the state of the rapidly advancing field of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Restoring Cell Function to Block VEGF

Integrin peptide therapy Luminate shows potential of extending DME treatment.

Coding Commentary

Avoiding Post-Surgical Modifier Confusion

How to use three modifiers for surgery that falls within the global period of another procedure.

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North of the Border

OCT-Eh? Canadian for Macular Imaging

How OCT angiography can alter the management approach to macular disease.

Retina Rounds

Don’t Miss the Disc

Clues to the etiology of a unilateral maculopathy are found beyond the retina.

Surgical Pearl Video

Advance-and-Cut for Fishhook Removal

Having large-gauge wire cutters at the outside is critical.