November / December 2019


First results of gene and cell therapies for nAMD, RP, plus ...

Findings on predictors of endophthalmitis, widefield OCT-A vs. FA and microsecond pulsing laser make five worthy takeaways.

IOP and anti-VEGF drugs: What we know so far

Chronic changes in intraocular pressure may be dependent on the anti-VEGF drug used. A look at emerging research on physiology and the role of genetics.

Retinal imaging and neurodegenerative disease

A review of retinal changes and potential biomarkers in Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Clearing up the language of retinal imaging

A review of the International Widefield Imaging Study Group recommendations for a terminology to describe image captures from various modalities.

Personalized medicine and retinoblastoma treatment

Globe-salvaging therapies are minimizing the need for enucleation for the most common primary intraocular malignancy of childhood.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Potential of KSI-301 to extend treatment

The latest results reported efficacy up to five months after the last loading dose.

Coding Commentary

Coding for surgery in the postop period

How to use modifiers 58, 78 and 79 for a planned or unplanned trip back to the OR.

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Retina Rounds

Melanoma? Or pseudomelanoma?

A patient develops two rare lesions in the same eye.

Surgical Pearl Video

Never use two steps when one will do

Step-saving tips when isolating rectus muscles and performing membrane peeling.

Refractory optic pit maculopathy surgery

This approach for this challenging operation uses an internal limiting membrane flap as a ‘plug.’