September / October 2021


Who’s predisposed to anti-VEGF-induced IOI?

What clinical trials and postmarket data reveal about intraocular inflammation risk with brolucizumab.

Treat and extend: An international view

Three experts from Canada, Switzerland and Israel provide insights into the nuances of adherence, treatment intervals and emerging therapies.

Understanding the risks of systemic vascular disease

The retina is the canary in the coal mine for evaluating future systemic vascular disease in people with diabetes.

Making the retina workplace more ergonomically friendly

How a few modifications in the clinic and OR—and perhaps some yoga—can help overcome occupational aches and pains.


Clinical Trial Closeup

A potential stem-cell solution for GA

Trial shows safety of a biosynthetic patch inserted in a subretinal bleb in an outpatient procedure.

Coding Commentary

EO: If you do it, you should bill it

Extended ophthalmoscopy is a charge retina specialists commonly miss. Here’s how to bill for it.

Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

Not just pigments of your imagination

A case of idiopathic intrigue requiring investigation of an inflammatory cause.


Surgical Pearl Video

Passive PFO-SO exchange

A technique for actively injecting silicone oil while passively extruding peruorocarbon with a backush cannula.

Uveitis Forum

Using anti-VEGF agents in uveitis

A review of the available evidence and anecdotal reports supporting their use.