May / June 2019


Integrins’ role in edema and how to disrupt it

Integrin receptors play an important role in multiple pathological processes. Emerging drug candidates target the integrin pathway.

Where steroids fit for DME in the anti-VEGF era

The dexamethasone implant is an option for sustained release when treating macular edema, but Protocol U shows the limits of steroid use.

A real-world experience administering gene therapy

Multiple steps, including intraoperative optical coherence tomography, are involved in treating a pediatric eye with voretigene neparvovec-rzyl.

The promise of PDS in real-world practice

Lessons from the Ladder trial of the Port Delivery System with ranibizumab (PDS) and what the Archway trial will aim to confirm.

The hands-on technique for suprachoroidal injection

Xipere is on track for FDA approval later in the year. Here’s a stepwise approach for using the injector successfully.


Coding Commentary

Is laser for vitreous floaters covered?

Answers to one of the most common questions our coding expert gets.

Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

Insidious effect of HCQ therapy

This case illustrates the importance of follow-up and multimodal imaging in managing retinal toxicity.


North of the Border

PIVOT authors’ pneumatic retinopexy tips

These insights can help achieve successful outcomes when repairing rhegmatogenous retinal detachments.

Retina Fellows Forum

How OCT is aiding uveitis management

Optical coherence tomography helps grade inflammation and evaluate the vitreous, retinal vasculature and choroid.

Social Media Specialist

Checking your online reputation

A review of social media platforms and physician-ratings site for retina specialists.

Surgical Pearl Video

Novel approach to traumatic macular hole

Human amniotic membrane is used to create a scaffold-like structure to close a large hole.