March / April 2023


How multimodal imaging raises the bar for RRD repair

The potential of imaging biomarkers are emerging as useful outcome measures for future trials in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

The ocular side effects of emerging oncology meds

A review of how a variety of immunotherapy and targeted therapies for cancer can impact the retina and the rest of the eye.

Gene therapy delivery: Examining the evidence

A look at the benefits and drawbacks of the three dominant modalities in clinical trials.


Clinical Trial Closeup

A pill to head off worsening of DRSS

A Phase III trial is on deck for the oral Ref-1 inhibitor APX3330 after a Phase IIb study showed a potential benefit.

Conference Review

Update on mitochondrial stabilizers

Also from the Angiogenesis, Exudation, and Degeneration meeting, emerging treatments for nAMD and MacTel2, and a marker for anti-VEGF success in ROP.

Editor's Page


North of the Border

AI for the vitreoretinal surgeon

What’s in the pipeline, how it may change practice and what a chatbot has to say about it.

Retina Rounds

Sympathetic to the cause

A long-ago ocular trauma caused a sympathetic panuveitis in the fellow eye.

Social Media Specialist

The physician as social media vanguard

When social media, public education and human rights collide, what is the physician’s responsibility?

Surgical Pearl Video

Pearls for transretinal tumor biopsy

Steps to improve your chances of performing a successful transretinal tumor biopsy.