January / February 2022


Pipeline Report: New entries continue to exceed exits

Exits for discontinued programs (three over two years) exceed exits for approvals (two).

Peripheral lesions take DR imaging beyond ETDRS

Ultra-widefield imaging and artificial intelligence have called into question standards based on film photography.

Why not vitrectomy for vitreous opacities?

Why pars plana vitrectomy has come of age for vitreous opacities in selected patients.

AAO Report: New insights into ILM tears, trial readouts and more

Five abstracts on gene therapy and role of central subfield thickness in diabetic macular edema, vitreous hemorrhage and retinopathy of prematurity.


Coding Commentary

Time for a financial deep dive

A review of your practice’s financial metrics can help you spot problems in your billing system.

Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

Vision loss tied to cancer history

How imaging helped diagnose the cause of vision problems in a woman with endometrial adenocarcinoma.


Social Media Specialist

Social media and CME

A close look at the future of lifelong learning in the Twitter era.

Surgical Pearl Video

Strategies for PVD induction

A review of surgical methods to aid in posterior vitreous detachment induction.

Uveitis Forum

Uveitis risk of ICPIs for cancer

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are becoming more widely available, but they’ve been linked to uveitis in some patients.