January / February 2020


The latest in AI for managing DR

In ongoing investigations, artificial intelligence platforms have shown strong sensitivity and specificity in monitoring diabetic retinopathy.

Pipeline Report: Despite major approvals, the queue gets longer

Treatments for exudative disease were notable for four significant exits from our listing and seven new entries this year.

Pipeline Report: The path to GA treatment: What’s hot, what’s not

A review of past trials that disappointed and current trials that are showing promise as potential treatments.

How SD-OCT is enhancing our management of DR

The high speed of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography enables imaging of the retinal layers and vasculature all at once.


Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

Multimodal imaging and diagnosing ARN

Retinal whitening plus vitreous inflammation mean raised suspicion for acute retinal necrosis.


Social Media Specialist

Downsides of doctors on social media

How retina specialists can avoid the risks and pitfalls of putting their professional reputation out there.

Uveitis Forum

When to consider systemic treatments

Scenarios for systemic immunosuppression, and where conventional immunosuppressants and biologics fit in.