September 2016


Stem Cells for Retina: Where Are We Now?

A review of multiple trials pursuing a breakthrough in cell-based therapies for AMD and hereditary retinal disorders.

Diabetes Drugs In the Retina Practice

How glucose-lowering therapies can influence surgical planning.

Taking OCT Out To The Retinal Periphery

How ultra-widefield spectral domain optical coherence tomography gives us a new view of pathology.

Will OCT Angiography Replace FA?

A close look at how this emerging imaging modality compares with the gold standard.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Drugability of the Suprachoroidal Space

Phase II trial shows Clearside’s CLS-TA safe and effective in noninfectious uveitis.

Coding Commentary

Get Ready For ICD-10 Changes

The one-year reprieve ends October 1. Here’s what you can expect and how to prepare.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

25 Years On, OCT Looks To Future

Co-inventor David Huang, PhD, shares the next big thing for today’s big thing.


North of the Border

MIVS and Post-op Endophthalmitis

A look at evolving trends and techniques.

Retina CEO

Benchmarking Tool Can Track Coding

Retina PractiCare tool can show how your claims compare with peers’­—and maybe help keep auditors away.

Retina Fellows Forum

Next-Generation Therapies For Wet AMD: Upgrade 2.0

Making the case for combination therapies.

Retina Rounds

Managing High-Risk Asymptomatic RRD

Navigating a management dilemma in this young surgeon who had LASIK.

Surgical Pearl Video

A Novel Approach for Surgical PVD

This hydrodissection approach avoids risks of iatrogenic retinal tears and optic nerve traction.