Innovation Insight

By Richard Mark Kirkner 

AMD is gene therapy’s emerging darling

Most programs in retinal disease still target inherited disorders, but both wet and dry forms of age-related macular degeneration are attracting interest.

Can patients take OCT home with them?

Early work with home-based optical coherence tomography shows patients can use it, but how good are the images?

DRI OCT Triton: One Doctor’s Experience

The imaging platform provides more detailed information and eases workflow in this retina specialist’s clinic.

Drilling Down Into Retina Robotic Surgery

Trial shows which steps take longer than manual surgery and the impact on involuntary hand movements.

Retina AI Platform Moves Forward

Autonomous artificial intelligence system aims to widen primary-care screening of diabetic retinopathy.

The Hypersonic Principle

A closer look at ‘the first major vitreous removal innovation in 40 years.’

Can Sirolimus Solve the Taper Puzzle?

SAKURA results point the way to successful tapering of steroids in noninfectious posterior uveitis.

A Marriage of Prosthetics, Optogenetics

An investigational neuroprosthetic device pairs with gene therapy to work around damaged photoreceptors.

Shaping Watson Computing for the Clinic

Cognitive imaging in ophthalmology could be about a year away. Here’s what it might look like.

25 Years On, OCT Looks To Future

Co-inventor David Huang, PhD, shares the next big thing for today’s big thing.