November 2017


The Promise of Deep Learning in Retina

How artificial intelligence is poised to take diagnostic imaging to the next level.

The Choroid in AMD: A Critical Point of Failure?

Advancements in imaging and new computational models are improving our understanding of choroidal failure.

The ‘Switch’ and Macular Atrophy in nAMD

New insights into how frequent, long-term anti-VEGF injections and a change in medication impact RPE loss.

Five from ASRS 2017: Syringes, Sirolimus and EndopHthalmitis Prophylaxis

Plus four-year results of gene therapy and insights into when to perform ERM removal.

Genetics, Vitamins And Astronaut Eyes

How space research is providing new insights into ophthalmic pathophysiology with implications for terrestrial and aerospace medicine.

Managing Aphakia Without Capsular Support

Retropupillary implantation of the iris-claw IOL is one tool in the cataract surgeon’s kit.


Clinical Trial Closeup

A Drop for DME and AMD

Are clinical investigators close to finding the Holy Grail for retinal disease?

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

The Hypersonic Principle

A closer look at ‘the first major vitreous removal innovation in 40 years.’


North of the Border

Top 10 Lessons from the nAMD Trials

Key takeaways that inform how we approach treatment.

Retina Rounds

Getting Too Close to the Sun

This patient learned firsthand about the dangers of viewing the solar eclipse.

Surgical Pearl Video

Draining Choroidal Detachments

A look at cut-down and cannula-based approaches to achieve external drainage of hemorrhage.