January / February 2019


20 milestones ahead in AMD, DME meds

A look at chemical and biologic agents queued this year or next for key steps toward commercialization.

Current and new steroid therapy in noninfectious uveitis

Corticosteroid therapy is the cornerstone of treatment. Sustained delivery systems and concomitant use with other medications are expanding options.

Know the Hazards that Lurk at 'Cell Therapy' Clinics

Commercial clinics peddle unproven therapies that have harmed patients. Retina specialists have a duty to educate their patients about these hazards.

PRP vs. anti-VEGF for DR patients lost to follow-up

After LTFU, visual acuity worsens in both anti-VEGF and PRP groups, but recovers somewhat in the former.


Coding Commentary

2019 updates, changes and trends

Some of the coding changes are minor, others not so. Here’s a rundown.

Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

Strange symptoms point to rare disease

Widefield fluorescein angiography helps arrive at diagnosis after suspicious visual changes.


Retina Rounds

Maculopathy in the middle

This patient with migraines presents with an unusual cause of acute vision loss.

Social Media Specialist

Why you need an online brand

Crafting your own unique identity is the first step in embracing the potential of social media.

Surgical Pearl Video

A far reach: PPV in highly myopic eyes

Pearls for performing a pars plana vitrectomy in pathologic myopia.