September 2015


Adaptive Optics Goes in For an Extreme Closeup

Imaging at the cellular level can identify progression of retinal disease earlier.

Big Data and AMD Progression

Gathering and analyzing imaging biomarkers from SD-OCT along with other inputs can aid in tracking patients.

Combination Therapy Emerges for RVO

Sustained-release implants and anti-VEGF can work together to reverse disease progression.

How Directional OCT is Improving Photoreceptor Visualization

The latest iteration exploits directional reflectivity to gain more information about macular health.

Caffeine and CSCR: Is There a Link?

Emerging evidence suggests a causal relationship between caffeine and central serous chorioretinopathy.


Clinical Trial Closeup

AKB-9778 as an Adjunct to Anti-VEGF

A deeper dive into how this Tie-2 activator stabilizes the retinal vasculature.

Coding Commentary

Making Sense of PQRS and VBPM

Knowing Medicare’s key measures can help you avoid penalties. Part 1 of 2.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

OCT and the Evolution of Angiography

ASRS studies find noninvasive imaging correlates well.

Medical Retina Fellows Forum

Sub-Threshold Laser: The Backstory

This approach for macular diseases avoids the tissue destruction of conventional laser treatments.


Retina CEO

Interactive White Boards in the Office

How large touch-screens are enhancing communication between physicians and patients.

Retina Rounds

Retinopathy as a Matter of Altitude

Hiking at 11,000 feet results in startling discovery of underlying retinal pathology.