March 2018


How OCT angiography is improving our view of diabetic retinopathy

The data optical coherence tomography angiography obtains seem to correlate with the traditional clinical classification system of diabetic retinopathy.

Clinical Conversation Protocol U lessons for DME Management

Our expert panel explores insights about undertreatment and anatomical markers from the Phase II DRCRnet trial . Part 1 of 2.

Uveitis Update: the Paradigm Shifts Again

With new treatments on the verge of approval, here’s a timely review of management strategies.

Pipeline Update What’s Expected to Emerge in 2018

Here’s a look at no fewer than 19 agents for AMD and DME expected to reach important milestones in the next 12 months.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Moving the Needle on Ocular Cancer

How AU-011 selectively targets melanoma without damaging nearby ocular tissue.

Coding Commentary

I Just Bought an OCTA. Now What?

There’s already a CPT code for that. Here’s why it suffices to submit claims for optical coherence tomography angiography.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

Retina AI Platform Moves Forward

Autonomous artificial intelligence system aims to widen primary-care screening of diabetic retinopathy.


North of the Border

The Good and Bad of Retinal Fluid

The presence of intraretinal and subretinal fluid may answer the question: To treat or not to treat?

Retina Rounds

A Complicated, Recurrent RRD

How adding a scleral buckle corrected a complex proliferative vitreoretinopathy-related recurrent retinal detachment.

Surgical Pearl Video

Endoillumination Without an Assistant

A technique to perform peripheral vitreoretinal surgery with chandelier endoillumination independently.