March 2017


Gene Therapy: The New Frontier for Inherited Retinal Disease

An update on clinical trials of gene replacement therapy for retinal dystrophies.

Where Genetic Testing Fits In the Retina Practice

Done the right way, gene testing and counseling can help manage patients with inherited retinal diseases.

Pharmacogenetics and AMD: What We Know (and Don’t Know) So Far

The science is still emerging, but it’s reasonable to suspect that genetics can influence response to treatments.

Is Cosopt the Answer for Some Anti-VEGF Nonresponders?

Inhibiting aqueous outflow may improve drug retention in the eye.

The Challenge of Managing NAION

How to approach a disease with a variable presentation, complex pathogenesis and unproven treatments.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Can a Gene Vector Work for Long Term?

Lentiviral vector expresses protein for up to four years in trial.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

A Marriage of Prosthetics, Optogenetics

An investigational neuroprosthetic device pairs with gene therapy to work around damaged photoreceptors.

Medical Retina Fellows Forum

SD- vs. SS-OCTA for CNV in NVAMD

Here’s a look at how the two techniques compare for detecting macular neovascularization.


North of the Border

Is Retina a Window To Bipolar Disorder?

Study evaluates role of retinal photography in psychiatric diagnosis.

Retina CEO

Yes, You Can Negotiate Payer Contracts

You don’t always have to take what payers are giving. These steps can protect you from getting shortchanged.

Retina Rounds

A Twist on Ocular Trauma

Long bone fracture leads to a curious retinopathy.

Surgical Pearl Video

Tic-Tac-Toe to Solve SO Migration

A modified, minimalistic technique for silicone oil retention sutures.