March 2016


Vitrectomy Platforms Go To The Next Level

EVA has raised the bar on cut rate and vacuum and flow vitrectomy modes, but others have made upgrades, too.

Noninfectious Uveitis: Enriching Our Toolbox

Recent advances in localized therapies provide options to traditional systemic immunosuppression.

How Will Protocol S Change Our Practice?

Giving us clarity on the use of PRP and anti-VEGF in high-risk PDR.

HORV: A Rare But Devastating Complication of Endophthalmitis Prophylaxis

Hemorrhagic occlusive retinal vasculitis has been associated with routine intracameral vancomycin use.

Pediatric Retina: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

Widefield imaging, anti-VEGF agents and shorter instruments expand management options.

Full-Thickness Retino-choroidal Biopsy: Reaching Into Your VR Bag of Tricks

Small-gauge instruments may make this procedure more feasible for vitreoretinal surgeons.


Coding Commentary

Coding and Reimbursement Updates

Changes in 2016 amount to a sharp reduction in physician reimbursements.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

An App to Monitor Patients At Home

Mobile system can alert retina specialists to vision changes before patients can.

Medical Retina Fellows Forum

Subclinical MNV: Do We Watch or Treat?

Now that we have OCT-A, we can no longer ignore macular neovascularization in non-exudative AMD.


Retina CEO

The Case for Certified Personnel

Reimbursement and regulatory challenges demand certified staff.

Retina Rounds

Trouble With a Treated Tumor

The source of a scotoma came down to components of both differential diagnoses.

Surgical Pearl Video

Preventing Folds After RD Repair

Temporal side down: because face-down positioning isn’t foolproof or fold-proof.