March 2015


Real-life Story of the 'Bionic Eye,' the Argus II

A real-life experience with the only retinal prosthesis approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

RVO Workup: When it's Necessary and What to Order

A review of the risk factors and differential diagnosis.

How to Manage a Migrating Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant

What migration means and how it can impact vision.

Lessons from Protocol T

What we can take from the study and apply in our clinics.


Clinical Trial Closeup


Lead investigator provides details on parallel trials of lampalizumab.

Coding Commentary

OCT and FP: Why can’t I bill both?

New guidance from CMS describes why and the few times when you can.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

Selecting Patients for the Iluvien Implant

Sustained-release device emerges after a decade-long journey.

Literature Review

Can Anti-VEGF Cause GA in Wet AMD?

A host of trials are trying to answer this question. Here’s what they’ve found so far.


Retina CEO

Paying for Drugs When the Bill Is Due

Cash forecasting can help manage those high-limit credit cards.

Retina Fellows Forum

What’s the Cause of this Panuveitis?

Sensitivity to light, pain and blurry vision persisted for two weeks.