November 2015


Computer-Navigated Laser for DME: How We Got Here

The latest development in macular laser has been shown to be accurate, safe and effective, but more study is needed.

Drainage Retinotomy Sans Laser

An alternative approach can leave retinotomies unlasered in most routine cases.

Pearls for Performing Pneumatic Retinopexy

This in-office procedure is a less-costly alternative and is well-suited to repair small superior retinal breaks.

Widefield Imaging Finds Its Place in the Practice

Expanding the utility of photography and angiography in pediatric retina, oncology and more.


Clinical Trial Closeup

SPK-RPE65 Gene ‘Augmentation’

This biological agent targets mutations in genes that mediate visual transduction.

Coding Commentary

What VBPM Can Mean to Your Practice

A deep dive into how CMS defines and uses Value Based Payment Modifier. Part 2 of 2.

Editor's Page

Innovation Insight

A Widefield Platform on a Tabletop

Combining up to eight imaging functions into one device.

Medical Retina Fellows Forum

Managing DME During Pregnancy

Intravitreal steroids may be considered in cases refractory to blood glucose control and laser.


Retina CEO

The Case for a Drug Inventory System

A robust system should do more than count supplies. It should monitor storage and set reorder levels, too.

Retina Rounds

Which White Dot Syndrome Is It?

Vitritis and characteristic cream-colored lesions in both eyes provided valuable clues.

Surgical Pearl Video

Reflux Chromovitrectomy

This technique avoids the awkward one-handed balance of the syringe and cannula.