July / August 2023


3D heads-up visualization: Less pain, more gain

Three-dimensional heads-up display can enhance surgical visualization, training, ergonomics and potentially surgical outcomes.

Practical applications of intraoperative OCT

A review of how it can be used for multiple retinal procedures, with more coming as technology advances.

Reframing the discussion around geographic atrophy

Understanding the natural disease progression will help us talk to our patients about new and emerging treatments.

Surgical pearls from the Vit Buckle Society

Tips for pediatric and diabetic surgery, and foreign body removal, along with novel approaches for chronic macular holes and visualization in endophthalmitis.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Potential of low-light therapy for dry AMD

Trial shows effectiveness of the Valeda Light Delivery System photobiomodulation platform.

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North of the Border

The window to neurodegenerative diseases

A look into the challenges and prospects of retinal imaging to identify biomarkers for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS.

Retina Rounds

The patient with the puzzling plaques

The case for considering tuberculosis as an etiology in patients with posterior uveitis who have been to an endemic region.

Surgical Pearl Video

Pearls for fovea-sparing ILM peeling

A potentially effective strategy for avoiding postoperative macular hole formation in myopic traction maculopathy.