September / October 2023


Three looks at how AI may change retinal practice

Artificial intelligence models have shown the potential to decrease disparities in diabetic eye care, personalize management for nAMD treatment and predict outcomes for CRVO.

Lessons from Protocol AA for UWF imaging in DR

How to use the DRCR Retina Network roadmap for ultra-widefield imaging to evaluate eyes with nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy.

ILM peeling sans forceps: Is it time to make the switch?

Internal limiting membrane peeling with forceps is the gold standard, but cutter-based methods are safe, effective and potentially more efficient.

Metformin’s potential impact on AMD prevention

Multiple observational studies have shown the potential of the antidiabetic drug in the management of age-related macular degeneration.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Transgene shows restorative properties in nAMD

4D-150 is an intravitreal dual transgene genetic medicine that expresses both aflibercept and an mRNAi sequence that inhibits intracellular expression of VEGF-C.

Conference Review

Trial updates in GA, MacTel type 2 and DME

Four ASRS abstracts look at ANX007, pegcetacoplan, encapsulated cell therapy and tarcocimab.

Editor's Page

Imaging Forum

The dark side of pentosan

The vision consequences of a long-discontinued treatment for interstitial cystitis.


Social Media Specialist

Pharma marketing and social media

Some thoughts on avoiding the pharmaceutical digital marketing group-think.

Surgical Pearl Video

How to do intraretinal artery tPA injection

A stepwise approach to intraretinal artery cannulation for injection of tissue plasminogen activator into the central retinal artery.

Uveitis Forum

Managing inflammatory CNVM in uveitis

Solving the diagnostic and treatment challenges of choroidal neovascular membrane in uveitis.