November / December 2023


How to manage pediatric retinal detachments

Management of RDs can be different in children compared to adults. They can have different presentations, etiologies and management strategies—and retinoblastoma must always be ruled out.

CST changes and VA in nAMD: A review of the evidence

Post-hoc analyses and real-world studies demonstrate the link between central subfoveal thickness fluctuations and visual acuity in neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

A beginner’s guide to suprachoroidal injections

They require a different skill set than intravitreal injections. Here’s a description of the technique.


Clinical Trial Closeup

A potential gene therapy to treat Stargardt

Phase II results identify patients with macular degeneration phenotype may benefit most from the investigative transgene therapy.

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North of the Border

A peek deep into the retina pipeline

A look at interesting clinical trials ranging from delivery modes to treatment regimens.

Retina Rounds

A bump in the road of cancer remission

A case of immune checkpoint inhibitor uveitis in a woman on maintenance therapy for kidney cancer.

Social Media Specialist

Be positive, but not too positive

Presumably perfect online lives can make readers feel inadequate. Keep that in mind when consuming or posting online content.

Surgical Pearl Video

Intraoperative surprise with PFO

Handling a rare case of intraoperative perfluorooctane loss secondary to a defect near the optic nerve.