March / April 2019


Can RETINAL IMAGING predict progression to DME?

The role of optical coherence tomography, OCT angiography and ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography in identifying risk factors.

Repair of RD associated with GIANT RETINAL TEAR

Pay attention to key steps of vitrectomy to increase surgical success.


Vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy is one area where risk calculators can help build better predictive models.

What OCT-A reveals about MACULAR PERFUSION

It may provide clues of intraocular pressure-related repetitive stress injuries.


Clinical Trial Closeup

Wet AMD gene therapy shows promise

Phase I/IIa results of RGX-314 confirm protein uptake over months.

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Innovation Insight

Can patients take OCT home with them?

Early work with home-based optical coherence tomography shows patients can use it, but how good are the images?


North of the Border

What PIVOT tells us about RRD repair

Trial authors comment on findings about the effectiveness of pneumatic retinopexy vs. pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

Retina CEO

PE: Coming soon to your neighborhood?

Private equity is here to stay, but here’s how to tell if it’s a fit, even if you’ve already jumped in.

Surgical Pearl Video

Minimally invasive IOL deposit removal

This surgical approach to introacular lens opacities utilizes a flex loop.