Social Media Specialist

Edited by David R.P. Almeida, MD, MBA, PhD

Beware of social media nightmares

The pitfalls of physicians failing to maintain professional ethics online.

Agency and advocacy in the digital world

How to utilize social media for patient advocacy and health promotion.

Confronting the cyberbully

Some guidance for retina specialists and physicians when they’re attacked on social media.

Combating false claims on social media

What retina specialists can do to deal with misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

When apathy is not an option

How retina specialists can approach societal issues and racial injustice on social media.

When unhappy patients vent online

How retina specialists can address negative online reviews and unfavorable comments on social media.

Downsides of doctors on social media

How retina specialists can avoid the risks and pitfalls of putting their professional reputation out there.

Twitter as a ‘microblog’

It’s a good place to start promoting your practice online, but know the pearls and pitfalls of online content creation.

Checking your online reputation

A review of social media platforms and physician-ratings site for retina specialists.

Why you need an online brand

Crafting your own unique identity is the first step in embracing the potential of social media.

Video Vault

Minimally invasive management of lenticular deposits

Akshay Thomas, MD, MS, of Tennessee Retina demonstrates his surgical technique for removing posterior intraocular lens deposits.