Surgical Techniques & Tools

Managing Aphakia Without Capsular Support

Retropupillary implantation of the iris-claw IOL is one tool in the cataract surgeon’s kit.

Triamcinolone Acetonide Assist For ILM Peeling During RRD Repair

This peeling approach during vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment can prevent post-surgical epiretinal membrane growth.

Gaining New Insights Into MacTel

How the MacTel Project with multimodal imaging is expanding our knowledge of macular telangiectasia type 2.

How MIGS Is Bridging the Efficacy Gap in Glaucoma

An update on the state of the rapidly advancing field of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.

Tips for Sutureless Scleral Fixation

A close look at two approaches to make it work for you.

Preventing Folds After RD Repair

Temporal side down: because face-down positioning isn’t foolproof or fold-proof. 

Vitrectomy Platforms Go To The Next Level

EVA has raised the bar on cut rate and vacuum and flow vitrectomy modes, but others have made upgrades, too.

Noninfectious Uveitis: Enriching Our Toolbox

Recent advances in localized therapies provide options to traditional systemic immunosuppression.

How Will Protocol S Change Our Practice?

Giving us clarity on the use of PRP and anti-VEGF in high-risk PDR.

Full-Thickness Retino-choroidal Biopsy: Reaching Into Your VR Bag of Tricks

Small-gauge instruments may make this procedure more feasible for vitreoretinal surgeons.

Drainage Retinotomy Sans Laser

An alternative approach can leave retinotomies unlasered in most routine cases.

Pearls for Performing Pneumatic Retinopexy

This in-office procedure is a less-costly alternative and is well-suited to repair small superior retinal breaks.

An Update on the Intravitreal Injection Procedure

Using recent ‘guidelines’ and best practices to optimize outcomes.