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Medical Retina Fellows Forum

Zika Virus and the Eye

A look at the evidence on the ocular effects of this mosquito-borne outbreak.

Retina Rounds

TB or Not TB? That Is the Question

Did a complex interplay between TB and high myopia create a unique clinical entity? 

Retina CEO

Is a Billing Service the Right Move?

It’s a way to outsource accounts receivable management, but it’s not the right decision for every practice.

Surgical Pearls

Tips for Sutureless Scleral Fixation

A close look at two approaches to make it work for you.

Coding Consultant

Diagnostic Test Challenges

An obvious order and a thorough “interpretation and report” are essential for passing muster in a chart audit.

Innovation Insight

Finding More Uses for OCT Angiography

ARVO studies compared OCTA against more invasive imaging, and one even compared OCTA in swept-source vs. spectral-domain platforms.

Clinical Trial Q&A

APL-2’s Role in Blocking the GA Cascade

By inhibiting complement factor C3, Apellis bets it can prevent inflammation in advanced dry AMD