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Medical Retina Fellows Forum

A Common Masquerade in AMD

The challenge of managing non-vascularized retinal pigment epithelial detachments.

North of the Border

‘Soup & Sandwich’ Silicone Oil Removal

Skimming technique avoids consequences of other approaches.

Retina Rounds

A Scotoma the Shape of Australia

Does this patient have a white dot syndrome?

Surgical Pearls

A Heads-up, 3D View on Surgery

Trying out a new digital surgical microscope.

Coding Consultant

Handling Overfill for Single-Use Drugs

What CMS expects for documentation and reporting of leftover anti-VEGF drugs.

Innovation Insight

Shaping Watson Computing for the Clinic

Cognitive imaging in ophthalmology could be about a year away. Here’s what it might look like.

Clinical Trial Q&A

Can Brimonidine Reduce GA Progression?

Phase IIA trial shows potential of its neuroprotective properties for retinal disease.