Retina Rounds

Getting Too Close to the Sun

This patient learned firsthand about the dangers of viewing the solar eclipse.

Don’t Miss the Disc

Clues to the etiology of a unilateral maculopathy are found beyond the retina.   

Why Lesions and After-Image?

Concern for retinal tears in the fellow eye leads to a workup that goes in a different direction. 

A Twist on Ocular Trauma

Long bone fracture leads to a curious retinopathy.

A Scotoma the Shape of Australia

Does this patient have a white dot syndrome?

Managing High-Risk Asymptomatic RRD

Navigating a management dilemma in this young surgeon who had LASIK. 

TB or Not TB? That Is the Question

Did a complex interplay between TB and high myopia create a unique clinical entity? 

Trouble With a Treated Tumor

The source of a scotoma came down to components of both differential diagnoses.

Which White Dot Syndrome Is It?

Vitritis and characteristic cream-colored lesions in both eyes provided valuable clues.

Retinopathy as a Matter of Altitude

Hiking at 11,000 feet results in startling discovery of underlying retinal pathology.

A Case of Blurry Vision and Photopsias

Could a history of uveitis have a role in acute, unilateral worsening vision over three days?