Genetics, Vitamins And Astronaut Eyes

How space research is providing new insights into ophthalmic pathophysiology with implications for terrestrial and aerospace medicine.

Argus II in the Real World

Experience with six patients who have had this device implanted.

An App to Monitor Patients At Home

Mobile system can alert retina specialists to vision changes before patients can.

Big Data and AMD Progression

Gathering and analyzing imaging biomarkers from SD-OCT along with other inputs can aid in tracking patients.

10 Abstracts Worth a Second Look

A review of compelling presentations in retina from ARVO.

Experience of 50 Vitrectomies with EVA

Smooth transition between vacuum and flow modes.

Genetic Testing for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

With great promise come many controversies and questions.

Real-life Story of the 'Bionic Eye,' the Argus II

A real-life experience with the only retinal prosthesis approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

Selecting Patients for the Iluvien Implant

Sustained-release device emerges after a decade-long journey.

Video Vault

Managing Aphakia Without Capsular Support

Authors Clarissa S.M. Cheng, FRCOphth, Omar Kh Abu Al Ghanam, MBBSc, Felipe Dhawahir-Scala, FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth, LMS, demonstrate the various steps involved in implantation of the Artisan intraocular lens.