Clinical Trials

Can a Gene Vector Work for Long Term?

Lentiviral vector expresses protein for up to four years in trial.

Drugability of the Suprachoroidal Space

Phase II trial shows Clearside’s CLS-TA safe and effective in noninfectious uveitis.

Argus II in the Real World

Experience with six patients who have had this device implanted.

SPK-RPE65 Gene ‘Augmentation’

This biological agent targets mutations in genes that mediate visual transduction.

AKB-9778 as an Adjunct to Anti-VEGF

A deeper dive into how this Tie-2 activator stabilizes the retinal vasculature.

10 Abstracts Worth a Second Look

A review of compelling presentations in retina from ARVO.

Impact of the OHR-102 IMPACT Data

A closer look at combination therapy and CNV.

Real-life Story of the 'Bionic Eye,' the Argus II

A real-life experience with the only retinal prosthesis approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

Video Vault

Managing Aphakia Without Capsular Support

Authors Clarissa S.M. Cheng, FRCOphth, Omar Kh Abu Al Ghanam, MBBSc, Felipe Dhawahir-Scala, FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth, LMS, demonstrate the various steps involved in implantation of the Artisan intraocular lens.