Innovation Insight

The Hypersonic Principle

A closer look at ‘the first major vitreous removal innovation in 40 years.'

Can Sirolimus Solve the Taper Puzzle?

SAKURA results point the way to successful tapering of steroids in noninfectious posterior uveitis.

A Marriage of Prosthetics, Optogenetics

An investigational neuroprosthetic device pairs with gene therapy to work around
damaged photoreceptors.

Shaping Watson Computing for the Clinic

Cognitive imaging in ophthalmology could be about a year away. Here’s what it might look like.

25 Years On, OCT Looks To Future

Co-inventor David Huang, PhD, shares the next big thing for today’s big thing.

Finding More Uses for OCT Angiography

ARVO studies compared OCTA against more invasive imaging, and one even compared OCTA in swept-source vs. spectral-domain platforms.

An App to Monitor Patients At Home

Mobile system can alert retina specialists to vision changes before patients can.

OCT and the Evolution of Angiography

ASRS studies find noninvasive imaging correlates well.

Experience of 50 Vitrectomies with EVA

Smooth transition between vacuum and flow modes.

Selecting Patients for the Iluvien Implant

Sustained-release device emerges after a decade-long journey.